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Monitoring of current events in Russia and Ukraine

The latest events in the Ukraine and the Crimea, as well as  the tensions between Russia and the West, continue to attract attention of media and social networks.

Integrum World Wide offers you an automated monitoring and analysis of the information related to these  events. With our services you will be able to track information and view analytical reports configured according to the present Themes of your interests in real-time.

“My Integrum” performs 24/7 automated monitoring of many thousands of newspapers, magazines, newswires and other mass media of Russia, Ukraine and the FSU states.

Integrum Social Media” service provides 24/7 monitoring of the most popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte.

Your Integrum’s personal customer managers will assist you in setting up your personal  Themes for monitoring.

A number of Themes and Objects related to monitoring of these events  have already been set up.

Taking into account the growing interest in the ongoing situation, special discounts will be offered for our subscribers.

Please find more information about the possibilities of monitoring of these events  in English and Russian here:

If you are interested in setting up automated monitoring of media and social networks on the Theme of your choice, please contact us at contact@russoscopie.com

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