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2013-04-24 Nation branding, place marketing to attract Russian tourists (Seminar)

Our next weekly webSeminar will take place on the 24th of April (10AM London, 11AM Paris, 13AM Moscow) and will cover Nation branding, place marketing and attracting Russian tourists.

What are the expectations of Russian tourists?

Atout France, the French tourism promotion agency, expects 1.2 million Russian tourists to visit France in 2013 and published an extensive study of the profile of those visitors. The DGCIS also published an extensive statistical analysis of the adequacy of the offering with the demand of foreign tourists, broken down by countries – including Russia and the other BRICS. But if that’s too much information, you may want to read an outdated but crispy Portrait of a Russian Tourist in Paris by Dr Alexandre MELNIK.

No doubt that other international destinations -Germany, Great-Britain, Turkey, Dubai, China- look with interest at this same population of middle-class or wealthy Russian tourists.

Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has been extremely successful in using dedicated channels such as Aviamost to promote its strong brand in Russia and the CIS.

Touristic Destinations Interests France vs. Dubai (2013)

If we trust Google Trends to give us a clue about the Future, Dubai could overtake France as early as 2015 in terms of overall interest by internauts.

What about Paris: can we see a similar trend, looking through the eyes of Russian media?

Dubai vs Paris - a Russian Point of View

Russian interest in Paris remains very strong, but we see a growing interest in tourism in Dubai. Also, it seems that when the Russian economie does well (ex. pre 2008 crisis), the interest of Russians in Dubai -as a shopping and business destination- tends to rise.

The country image drives the tourist’s expectations.

During our seminar, we will introduce nation branding and place marketing. We will show how the BigData, and Russian media monitoring in particular, can be used to follow trends and measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. For example:

-In the eye of Russian people, are cities like London, Paris and Dubai associated with Business or Leisure ?
-How much are countries like Spain, Italy, France associated with Arts & Culture?


INTEGRUM professional databases cover Russian newspapers, magazines, teletypes of information agencies, analytical and statistical bulletins, texts of laws, decrees, blogs etc.

To donwnload the presentation : 20130424_RussoScopie_NamSor_Tourism_vF

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