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Russian e-Diaspora on Twitter

NamSor Applied Onomastics has just published an interactive map of the Russian digital Diaspora built ‘by recognizing the Twitter names of geotagged tweets’. This e-Diaspora is a mix of : real Diaspora, Russian Tourists, Business travellers, Students abroad, … A common view is that Twitter is not so big in Russia, though it’s quite popular in the Russian community in the US and the UK (as well as in the political Opposition). So what does the Russian Twitter really look like? You can click here to access the interactive features (zoom in, out, etc.)

Russian Twitter GEOnomastics

Russian Twitter GEOnomastics

And if you’d like to meet Russian people abroad during your next Holiday, now you know where to go …

Russian Twitter GEOnomastics

Russian Twitter GEOnomastics (Europe)

Bon voyage:-) Счастливое путешествие!

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