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Russia Banking Sector – Rosbank, UniCredit etc.

Our last seminar before the summer break took place on the 17th of June and was focused on Foreign banks in Russia with an analysis of Rosbank and UniCredit general ecosystems. It took place just before the SPIEF 2013, during which event Société Générale confirmed its objective of making 15% ROE by 2015.

Societe Generale “didn’t identify any direct risks” from a financial point of view from Golubkov’s case, Deputy CEO Bernardo Sanchez Incera told shareholders at an annual meeting last month. It is is monitoring indirect risks from the case, he said.

That the Bank’s top management was not warned in advance -as as courtesy- of such a high visible move as the Golubkov arrest clearly sends a worrying signal, to which situation Rosbank’s corporate and retail clients have already reacted :

During a month, 19.5% of corporate customer funds and 1.2% of retail deposits were withdrawn from Rosbank, part of Societe Generale Group, according to Rosbank’s financial statements seen by Izvestia.

Our presentation on the 17th of June can be downloaded here : 20130617_RusBanking_Webinar_vF.pdf


Our RussoScopie seminars will restart in September, on the 16th : registration is open. The topic will be Russian Foreign Direct Investments in Europe and European FDIs in Russia. In the meantime, enjoy a pleasant summer.

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2013 Annual Report of the CCIFR French-Russian Observatory

The first edition of the French-Russian Observatory Annual Report (2013) is now available (in French).

Read the Table of Content and order now at a discounted price or from the 2nd of May online with FNAC.

The Russian version will be presented during the next St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on 20-22 June 2013.

Ежегодный доклад «Россия 2013»

Это издание представляет глубокий анализ современной ситуации в России и охватывает самый широкий круг тем: экономика, внутренняя политика и общество, регионы, внешняя политика и оборона. Один из разделов посвященвопросам истории и искусства, он отражает богатство, глубину и разнообразие франко-российских отношений.

Французское издание Ежегодного доклада было торжественно представлено публике 18 апреля в Национальной ассамблее в Париже. Презентация российского издания запланирована на Петербургском международном экономическом форуме 20-22 июня 2013 года.

The CCIFR and the French-Russian Observatory are subscribers of INTEGRUM Russian Media Monitoring and INTEGRUM Companies.

Observatoire franco-russe

About the French-Russian Observatory
Created in March 2012 and linked to the Economic Council of the French-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFR), the French-Russian Observatory aims to produce an in-depth expertise on Russia, and promote a greater awareness of French realities among Russian political and economic elites. It publishes policy papers and the yearbook on Russia. It also organizes events such as colloquiums, seminars, press conferences in Paris, Moscow and Russian regions. The following are members of the French-Russian Observatory’s scientific advisory board, both scholars and experts, who actively participate in its work: Alain Blum, Pascal Boniface, Isabelle Facon, Peter Kopp, Jean Radvanyi, Marie-Pierre Rey, Yevgeny Gavrilenkov, Sergei Guriev, Sergei Karaganov, Fyodor Lukyanov, Ruslan Pukhov, Konstantin Simonov.

INTEGRUM professional databases cover Russian newspapers, magazines, teletypes of information agencies, analytical and statistical bulletins, texts of laws, decrees, blogs etc. as well as Russian Companies.

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