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moving voices from the grave

So much potential!

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It’s not every day one hears the voice of Tolstoy, expressing himself in French. It didn’t occur during a session of spiritism, but during an interview organized by KazTV at the ‘Institut des Archives Sonores’, Paris. Thank you Mr Edison!

This institute, created by Franklin PICARD, resulted of the merger of two large private collections of voice recordings from all over the world. Where do they come from ? From the grave, but before that – where did they come from? Onomastics, the science of proper names, is a powerful tool to search in such archives the origin of the voices. The often belong to several origin, if you think in terms of geography, or political boundaries or culture: the voice of President Kennedy is the voice of America, but it’s also the voice of the Irish Diaspora.

During soviet times, thousands of voices of poets, writers, philosophers…

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Russians represent the largest foreign business community in Kazakhstan

Ethnic Russians represent the largest foreign business community in Kazakhstan, according to a study of company directors names conducted by @FDIMagnet.


Several EU countries have large business communities as well: Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, German expats or businessmen represent a significant share of Executive Directors and Board Members of the largest companies incorporated in Kazakhstan.

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Monitoring of current events in Russia and Ukraine

The latest events in the Ukraine and the Crimea, as well as  the tensions between Russia and the West, continue to attract attention of media and social networks.

Integrum World Wide offers you an automated monitoring and analysis of the information related to these  events. With our services you will be able to track information and view analytical reports configured according to the present Themes of your interests in real-time.

“My Integrum” performs 24/7 automated monitoring of many thousands of newspapers, magazines, newswires and other mass media of Russia, Ukraine and the FSU states.

Integrum Social Media” service provides 24/7 monitoring of the most popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte.

Your Integrum’s personal customer managers will assist you in setting up your personal  Themes for monitoring.

A number of Themes and Objects related to monitoring of these events  have already been set up.

Taking into account the growing interest in the ongoing situation, special discounts will be offered for our subscribers.

Please find more information about the possibilities of monitoring of these events  in English and Russian here:

If you are interested in setting up automated monitoring of media and social networks on the Theme of your choice, please contact us at

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19 Feb 2014 – Seminar ENS/Sorbonne on Economic Diplomacy

Last year, @RussoScopie had co-organized a seminar on ‘Geopolitics – Russia, Energy & the Arab World‘ with Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne/ENS with the participation of Gazprom, IEA, evolutionenergie, araprism.

The topic for 2014 is Economic Diplomacy. Read the agenda & register here

Programme :

9 h 30 – Accueil des participants – Accueil boissons chaudes & madeleines.


10 h – Allocution d’ouverture : L’Etat et les entreprises, même combat ?

 Emmanuel Ly-Batallan | Directeur Adjoint à la Direction des entreprises et de l’économie internationale, Ministère des Affaires Etrangères.

11 h – Pause et rafraîchissements


11 h 10 – Table ronde I : La diplomatie des villes et des régions : entre appui de l’Etat et stratégies autonomes.

Pierre Andrieu | Ambassadeur pour la Champagne-Ardenne et la Lorraine, Ministère des Affaires étrangères.

Rachel Haab | Directrice Europe, Relations internationales et Coopération, Région Rhône-Alpes.
Chantal Poiret | Ambassadrice pour la Haute et Basse-Normandie, Ministère des Affaires étrangères.
Branislav Stanicek | Administrateur auprès du Comité des Régions, Bruxelles.


12 h 30 – Déjeuner libre


14 h – Table ronde II : La diplomatie des grands contrats : la convergence d’intérêt de l’Etat et des grands groupes français

Alexandre Papaemmanuel | Responsable commercial – Renseignement, Airbus – Defense & Space.

Laurent Paupe | Chef de projet Due Diligence, Agence pour la Diffusion de l’Information Technologique (ADIT).

Thierry Taboy | Vice Président, Responsabilité Sociale d’Entreprise, Orange.


15 h 45 – Pause et rafraîchissements


16 h – Table ronde III : Image de marque et stratégies d’influences dans la diplomatie économique des entreprises françaises

Borina Andrieu | Directrice du Développement International, Wilmotte & Associés.

Elian Carsenat | Fondateur de NamSor Applied Onomastics.

Guy-Philippe Goldstein | FaberNovel.


17 h 45 – Allocution de clôture : L’Union européenne, l’action politique extérieure au diapason des relations économiques ?

Yann Richard | Directeur de l’Institut de Géographie de la Sorbonne.


18 h30 – Cocktail

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Bonne année ! Happy new year ! С Новым годом!

RussoScopie est heureux de vous présenter ses meilleurs vœux pour la nouvelle année. Happy new year ! С Новым годом!
Happy New Year

Combien de français et de russes vivent aujourd’hui loin de leur pays ? Combien passeront le Nouvel An à Paris, à Moscou ou à Dubai? Que peut nous dire Twitter? Nous le découvrirons ensemble à la rentrée.

How many French, Russian people live abroad today? How many will travel and spend the New-Year in Paris, Moscow or in Dubai? What can Twitter tell us about it? We’ll discover it together in January.

Bonne année ! Happy new year ! С Новым годом!

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Russian Foreign Direct Investments in Europe and European FDIs in Russia

On the 3rd of July, during a networking event of ‘Dialogue Franco-Russe’, Mr. MINAEV will present an overview of Russian investments in France. For this occasion, we conducted a short survey. We measured the coverage in the Russian Media of ‘Invest In France’, ‘Invest In Germany’, etc. The results can be interpreted in three different ways : 1) France is a good buy for Russian investors 2) France is in need of money 3) InvestInFrance does a great job in Russia. All three options can be true.


Our next RussoScopie webinar will take place in September, on the 16th : registration is open. The topic will precisely be Russian Foreign Direct Investments in Europe and European FDIs in Russia. In the meantime, enjoy a pleasant summer.

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Russia Banking Sector – Rosbank, UniCredit etc.

Our last seminar before the summer break took place on the 17th of June and was focused on Foreign banks in Russia with an analysis of Rosbank and UniCredit general ecosystems. It took place just before the SPIEF 2013, during which event Société Générale confirmed its objective of making 15% ROE by 2015.

Societe Generale “didn’t identify any direct risks” from a financial point of view from Golubkov’s case, Deputy CEO Bernardo Sanchez Incera told shareholders at an annual meeting last month. It is is monitoring indirect risks from the case, he said.

That the Bank’s top management was not warned in advance -as as courtesy- of such a high visible move as the Golubkov arrest clearly sends a worrying signal, to which situation Rosbank’s corporate and retail clients have already reacted :

During a month, 19.5% of corporate customer funds and 1.2% of retail deposits were withdrawn from Rosbank, part of Societe Generale Group, according to Rosbank’s financial statements seen by Izvestia.

Our presentation on the 17th of June can be downloaded here : 20130617_RusBanking_Webinar_vF.pdf


Our RussoScopie seminars will restart in September, on the 16th : registration is open. The topic will be Russian Foreign Direct Investments in Europe and European FDIs in Russia. In the meantime, enjoy a pleasant summer.

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17 June (Webinar) Russia Banking Sector – Rosbank, UniCredit etc.

Register now for our next Web Seminar, which will focus on Foreign banks in Russia with an analysis of (for example) Rosbank and UniCredit general ecosystems. It will take place on the 17th of June (10AM London, 11AM Paris, 13AM Moscow).

A year and half ago, Emerval published its views on the sector. This seminar will be an opportunity to reflect about what really happened during the period 2012-2013.

Why is this important ? Foreign owned banks represent a massive share of total Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) in Russia. The recent news show that operational risk is still significant and should be carefully assessed in valuing portfolios of investments in the banking sector in Russia.

We look forward to your joining the webinar and hope to make it an interactive experience.

La Retraite de Russie des banques de la zone euro. Vers une nouvelle Berezina?

Par Jean-Marc Brassac / 14/12/2011

Jean-Marc Brassac, spécialiste des marchés émergents de la société indépendante de conseil en investissements Emerval, brosse un tableau exhaustif de la situation bancaire russe à travers le retrait des grandes banques étrangères investies en Russie.

Le point sur les forces en présence.

Selon la banque d’affaire russe Uralsib (Source : Business New Europe, daté du 4 octobre 2011), les banques russes, au premier rang desquelles la principale banque d’Etat Sberbank, pourraient profiter des difficultés rencontrées par les banques de la zone euro (crainte de la contagion de la crise de la dette grecque, très probable récession dans la zone euro, contraintes liées aux règles prudentielles dites « Bâle III) et de la chute vertigineuse de leurs cours boursiers, pour acquérir leurs actifs situés en Europe centrale et orientale, et en Turquie.

Constitueraient, notamment, des cibles potentielles pour des opérations de fusions & acquisitions à moyen terme, les actifs des banques européennes suivantes : Société Générale (France), UniCredit (Italie), Raffeisen (Autriche) et le groupe belge KBC.
Plusieurs journaux ont ainsi rapporté le souhait de Sberbank de se porter acquéreur de la filiale de Dexia en Turquie : Denizbank. Cependant, Sberbank a récemment indiqué renoncer à cette acquisition, découragée par le prix élevé demandé (5,3 mds d’USD) et aussi par la crainte de se voir opposer un refus de la part du régulateur turc.

Au-delà des rumeurs, ce qui est certain, c’est que nous assistons depuis quelques mois à une retraite massive des banques de la zone euro, du marché russe de la banque de détail.
Un marché pourtant des plus prometteurs en termes de croissance. Qu’il suffise ici de citer un chiffre : seulement 24 % des foyers russes possèderaient un compte bancaire (Sources : Crédit Suisse / Bloomberg Businessweek).Cette retraite des banques européennes du marché russe de la banque de détail  est donc pour nous l’occasion de faire le point sur les forces en présence et de dresser à destination des investisseurs intéressés par le marché russe, un panorama du secteur bancaire russe, à l’heure où sont publiés les résultats au troisième trimestre 2011. […]

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SMI21 – Key people mentioned in Russian media – Monthly Review – May 2013

Our monthly quantitative review of the Russian Mass Media (SMI21) tells you who are the personnalities who made the headlines in the past month. We hope it will interest you.

For most organisations, knowing the big stories of the past month this is not enough. What’s really useful is detecting in advance the small stories that could become next month headlines in a particular sector (Energy, Agriculture, Industry, Politics, …), the weak signal.


Download 201305 RussoScopie SMI21 vF (PDF)


INTEGRUM professional databases live feeds cover Russian newspapers, magazines, teletypes of information agencies, analytical and statistical bulletins, texts of laws, decrees, blogs etc. As of March 2013, INTEGRUM aggregates more than 10,000 data sources.

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Russia Energy Focus – Gazprom and Rosneft

If you missed today’s Webinar, register now the next one about Foreign Banks in Russia. It will take place on the 17th of June (10AM London, 11AM Paris, 13AM Moscow).


Read today’s presentation here: 20130527_GapromRosneft_Webinar.pdf

Additional infographic : 2013-05-27_Gazprom_Rosneft.pdf ; 2013-05-27_Gazprom_Rosneft2.pdf file :

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