Russian tourists: skiing resorts in the Alps could see a drop of -30% or even more

Russian tourists are affected by the Russian Rouble exchange rate and may desert France as a skiing destination. This effect will be most painful in January, when Russian Orthodox Christmas generally helps compensate the end of the French holiday (read further here). The drop could be anticipated and measured well in advance using the ‘big data’, for example by looking at the indication of interest recorded by Russian search engine (equivalent to Google Trends). The year-on-year change in interest has reached 30% to 40%, when the peak for booking is generally mid-December. This is bad news for hotels, restaurants and skiing resort, still relying heavily on a successful winter season for their yearly income.


Month 2014 IoI 2013 IoI YoY
Jun-14 78 69 13%
Jul-14 67 105 -36%
Aug-14 108 157 -31%
Sep-14 215 350 -39%
Oct-14 409 610 -33%

The reversal in interest could be observed as early as July 2014.

For skiing resorts equipped with a CRM (customer relationship management) or the larger players in the hospitality business, it is now possible use ‘predictive analytics’ to analyse customer data, combine with other ‘big data’ indicators measure external effects on occupation rates and pricing.

RapidMiner, combined with NamSor Applied Onomastics, can help refine client segmentation (according to gender, likely country of origin, …) perform sentiment analysis on Twitter, VKontakte or other social networks, in order to anticipate trends and take action (pricing, marketing, …)

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