moving voices from the grave

So much potential!

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It’s not every day one hears the voice of Tolstoy, expressing himself in French. It didn’t occur during a session of spiritism, but during an interview organized by KazTV at the ‘Institut des Archives Sonores’, Paris. Thank you Mr Edison!

This institute, created by Franklin PICARD, resulted of the merger of two large private collections of voice recordings from all over the world. Where do they come from ? From the grave, but before that – where did they come from? Onomastics, the science of proper names, is a powerful tool to search in such archives the origin of the voices. The often belong to several origin, if you think in terms of geography, or political boundaries or culture: the voice of President Kennedy is the voice of America, but it’s also the voice of the Irish Diaspora.

During soviet times, thousands of voices of poets, writers, philosophers…

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